Official name: Kingdom of Belgium

Belgium Map OutlineCapital: Brussels
Total Area: 30,520 km2
Approximate population: 10,414,300
Location: Western Europe
Languages: Dutch, French, German
Religions: Protestant, Roman Catholic
Currency: Euro
Organizations: United Nations, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, European Union, North Atlantic Treaty Organization
World's 137th largest country
Maritime boundaries: North Sea
Borders: France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands

Interesting facts:
- There are over 800 kinds of beer in Belgium, and Belgians consume on average about 150 liters of beer pet person in a year.
- Belgium produces 220,000 tonnes of chocolate every year. That's about 22 kg of chocolate per person annually.
- The parliament of Belgium has the highest number of female ministers in the world.
- Education is compulsory in Belgium upto the age of 18, which makes it the highest in the world.
- The only man-made structure visible from the moon is the Belgian motorway system.