Payment Methods

1. You can pay with the following payment methods:

American Express
Alawneh Exchange
Zain Cash

In all cases you will be redirected to the PayPal payment environment, then you can choose the method that suits you.

2. Western Union

You can also pay us via Western Union Money Transfer which is real time money transfer service. in local bank or agency in your area. To find a Western Union location, and to view their full terms and conditions, please visit Western Union site.
Email us 10 digit MTCN code, sender's full name and order No. for faster confirmation.

3. MoneyGram

Make a same day payment at any one of MoneyGram's convenient locations. MoneyGram charges a fee for this service and for most locations the payment will need to be made in cash, but some locations will accept a debit card payment. To find a MoneyGram location, and to view their full terms and conditions, please visit MoneyGram site.

4. Pay with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that uses decentralized (peer-to-peer) technology to manage transactions and validate payments instead of a government-regulated banking system. Anyone can convert their local country’s currency into Bitcoins.

You can login or register in Bitcoin from here.
How to use a Bitcoin wallet (for newbies)

5. Pay with cash on delivery (COD)

This option is only for buyers in Jordan.
(COD) allows the purchaser to pay at the time of delivery instead of having to pay upfront. Payment is made to the shipping company, and the shipping company then relays the payment back to the seller.
This option is currently disabled.

6. Pay with Paypal account

If you own a PayPal account, you can choose this payment method. Please click here to learn more about PayPal.

Login your PayPal account and go through the process to complete your payment.