DEM files, (terrains, reliefs and elevations) 3D GLOBAL.

Requirements: iGO 8.3 or higher, iGO Primo, iGONextGen, iGO amigo, Becker or any GPS with Windows Mobile, or Windows CE or any Android device.

Dem files give you the ability to show an overhead view of the map (with terrain colors and shading), where you can pin your desired destination. In 3D mode Changes the view into a truly spectacular viewpoint. In 2D mode it shows colored areas depending on terrain height. See the pictures.

iGO 8.3+, iGO Primo, iGO amigo,GPS Win Mobile,WinCE, Android.


Digital Elevation Maps (Dem Files)

Argentina CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090323.dem 94.5M
Australia CGIAR 2006.06 080825.dem 37.6M
Australia CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090309.dem 135.3M
Australia NASA 2005.07 070918.dem 129.1M
Basemap Africa CGIAR 2006.06 081013.dem 2.7M
Basemap Africa NASA 2005.07 080123.dem 2.7M
Basemap Eurasia CGIAR 2006.06 180504.dem 8.8M
Basemap Eurasia NASA 2005.07 080217.dem 8.5M
Basemap North America CGIAR 2006.06 081103.dem 4.4M
Basemap North America NASA 2005.07 070919.dem 4.3M
Basemap Oceania CGIAR 2006.06 081013.dem 1.4M
Basemap Oceania NASA 2005.07 080123.dem 1.4M
Basemap South America CGIAR 2006.06 150701.dem 2.0M
Basemap South America NASA 2005.07 080131.dem 2.0M
Benelux CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090312.dem 2.8M
Benelux TA 2007.06 071001.dem 8.3M
Brazil CGIAR 2006.06 080825.dem 55.6M
Brazil CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090309.dem 199.6M
Brazil NASA 2005.07 070918.dem 192.6M
British Isles CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090323.dem 11.8M
British Isles TA 2007.06 071001.dem 32.5M
Canada CGIAR 2006.06 081020.dem 31.5M
Canada CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090312.dem 306.8M
Central America CGIAR_Premium 2017.09 170929.dem 82.6M
China AutoNavi 2014.Q3 141103.dem 298.0M
China CGIAR 2006.06 100623.dem 298.0M
Colombia CGIAR 2006.06 080922.dem 10.2M
Colombia CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090309.dem 36.8M
Costa Rica CGIAR 2006.06 101022.dem 637.2K
Costa Rica CGIAR Premium 2006.06 101022.dem 2.0M
DACH CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090312.dem 25.2M
DACH TA 2007.06 071001.dem 76.5M
Eastern Europe CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090309.dem 104.3M
Eastern Europe TA 2007.06 070920.dem 100.8M
France CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090312.dem 23.4M
France Monaco TA 2007.06 071001.dem 71.3M
Full Europe CGIAR 2006.06 081010.dem 87.8M
Full Europe CGIAR Premium 2006.06 170825.dem 242.1M
Full Europe NASA 2005.07 071128.dem 257.1M
Full Europe TA 2007.06 071026.dem 217.3M
Hungary CGIAR Premium 2006.06 141117.dem 3.9M
India CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090312.dem 191.2M
Israel CGIAR 2006.06 080922.dem 621.4K
Israel NASA 2006.06 071027.dem 6.1M
Italy CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090313.dem 14.4M
Italy TA 2007.06 071001.dem 43.9M
Japan IPC 2011.08 120308.dem 14.7M
Mexico CGIAR 2006.06 080922.dem 18.1M
Mexico CGIAR Premium 2006.06 180226.dem 62.7M
Middle East Africa CGIAR 2006.06 170816.dem 570.3M
Middle East Africa NASA 2005.07 080522.dem 95.7M
Middle East CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090311.dem 100.9M
Middle East CGIAR Premium 2006.06 170712.dem 155.0M
Morocco CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090311.dem 20.3M
New Zealand CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090312.dem 11.3M
Nigeria CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090313.dem 20.5M
North America NASA 2005.07 080212.dem 4.3M
Russia CGIAR Premium 2006.06 170824.dem 90.8M
Russia East CGIAR Premium 2006.06 170824.dem 228.5M
Russia Eastern CGIAR 2006.06 081021.dem 29.9M
Russia Eastern NASA 2005.07 070928.dem 29.9M
Russia North CGIAR Premium 2006.06 170824.dem 218.7M
Russia Northern CGIAR 2006.06 081010.dem 59.8M
Russia Northern NASA 2005.07 070928.dem 59.4M
Russia Western CGIAR 2006.06 081010.dem 26.4M
Russia Western NASA 2005.07 070928.dem 87.1M
Scandinavia CGIAR 2006.06 081014.dem 8.5M
Scandinavia CGIAR Premium 2006.06 120918.dem 40.4M
SouthEast Asia CGIAR Premium 2006.06 180205.dem 90.8M
SouthEast Asia NASA 2005.07 070918.dem 82.6M
Southern Africa CGIAR Premium 2006.06 111019.dem 170.5M
Taiwan Province of China CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090310.dem 1.6M
USA CGIAR 2006.06 081010.dem 115.8M
USA CGIAR Premium 2006.06 090313.dem 293.6M
USA NASA 2005.07 070919.dem 177.0M
USA NASA Detailed 2005.07 070921.dem 248.2M
Western Europe CGIAR Premium 2006.06 120920.dem 124.2M
Western Europe TA 2007.06 071008.dem 122.6M