Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan)

Official name: Republic of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Map OutlineCapital: Baku
Total Area: 86,600 km2
Approximate population: 9,000,000
Location: Southern Caucasus region of Eurasia
Languages: Armenian, Azeri, Lezgian, Russian
Religions: Sunni Muslim, Shi'a Muslim, Russian and Armenian Orthodox
Currency: Azerbaijani Manat
Organizations: United Nations, Commonwealth of Independent States
World's 111th largest country
Maritime boundaries: Caspian Sea
Borders: Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Russia, Turkey

Interesting facts:
- The Azykh cave of Azerbaijan is believed to be one of the earliest known caves inhabited by man.
- The first oil well world was drilled near Baku, somewhere around the end-19th century.
- Baku used to serve as one of the important commercial centers on the Silk Road, from Europe to China.